The Harden Evangelistic Association & Revival Team - HEART (l-r):

Pastor Daniel Harden Sr, Rev. Kenneth Harden**, Pastor Avance Harden Sr**, Deacon David Harden, 

Rev. Glynn Harden, and Pastor Darryl Harden Sr*

Also Pictured: Eber MBC Deacon Lauray (white suit).


HEART Vision:  At HEART, we believe that the preaching of the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ changes lives and empowers holy living.  At HEART, we believe Holy Spirit filled - Jesus centered preaching saves souls.  At HEART, we preach Jesus!  (I Corinthians 1:18-24)

HEART Mission Statement:  HEART shall provide premier biblically sound and socially relevant evangelistic and revival services utilizing regional networks of empowered partners across the USA.  HEART shall maintain a global presence.  HEART preachers can and shall "go ye therefore and preach the gospel..." (St. Mark 16:15)  

We invite you to partner with us, as we preach JESUS.


HEART Contact Information:

e-mail address:

postal address: 


C/O Eber Memorial Baptist Church

19001 Schoolcraft Rd

Detroit, MI 48223


HEART ministerial offerings include but are not limited to:

  • Preaching
    • Crusade and Revival Services
    • Special Occasions
  • Teaching
    • Bible Study
    • Discipleship Evangelism
  • Reaching
    • Deliverance Ministry
    • Evangelistic Outreach
    • 1st Renaissance Rites of Passage Program

Please pray with us and pray for us, as we preach JESUS.

* HEART Pastoral Advisory Board Member

** Deceased